San Diego Dui Attorney Talks Regarding Jail

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The consensus from a San Diego DUI attorney would be that the worst type of punishment is prison. Prison is the worst type of punishment simply because in prison an inmate is surrounded by the most extreme types of people. As a broad rule, prison is really a location where individuals go when they've been sentenced to more than one year of confinement. Jail is a place that people usually go when they're sentenced to just one year or much less of confinement. After being released from jail, a person is on probation, and is monitored by a probation officer.

Because prison is really a place where people are sent when they have been confined for much more than a year, this is where violent criminals, usually not individuals involved in DUI crimes in San Diego, are sent. Consequently, unless an inmate is really a gang member or an ultimate fighting Champion, the inmate would probably would prefer to be sent to jail. Having stated that, some individuals actually prefer to be sent to prison simply because inmates in prison are given more time outdoors. Within the San Diego jails, inmates generally obtain very small exercise time. Some San Diego DUI attorneys believe that jail is preferable to prison simply because there is a lower likelihood of injury at the hands of fellow inmates, and because jail sentences are usually brief enough that the decreased possibility of injury outweighs the decreased time outside.

There are substantial differences involving the way the laws are enforced in jail and also the way the laws are enforced in society normally. Any individual who stands accused by the government of having committed some crime or wrong has a right to have the matter decided by an unprejudiced judge. The individual who decides the situation doesn't need to be a judge in the sense of having legal training and having been elected. It just requires to be a fact finder who doesn't have a personal interest in the matter. Individuals outside of jail who are accused of crimes are generally entitled to have their case heard by a jury before an authentic judge. Most San Diego DUI attorneys believe that the existence of these protections is very important. Other individuals believe that those who are convicted of minor offenses ought to not be entitled to have a jury decide whether or not or not they did what they are accused of.

Regardless of what individuals think about the way that people should be punished or the way that the court system is defined, it's a fact that the court system isn't set up for people who have broken the law while in jail. Anybody who watches shows about inmates that are being punished in jail is aware that the way that you are treated in jail whenever you are accused of having done something wrong is very different from the way you are treated whenever you are outside of jail.

On the bright side, if you need a San Diego DUI attorney then you probably do have the right to all of the protections of a person who commits an offense out of jail because if you're in jail you do not get access to a automobile that you can use to drive around whilst drunk. This implies that most people who are charged having a DUI offense have an simpler time defending their case than if they were behind bars.
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San Diego Dui Attorney Talks Regarding Jail

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This article was published on 2011/02/20